Are you deciding whether to take a few days off from work to travel abroad or if you rather pack your backpack and buy a one-way ticket to your new adventure? I know – it’s a hard one!

For most working people, it is much easier to book a 3-nights holiday somewhere in Europe than considering selling everything and leave the “normal life” behind to travel the world.

However, long-term travel has its own beauty in having a great amount of time to explore beyond the tourist attraction, experience the culture and live like a local. It’s only up to you, what you prefer!

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What is a Short-Term Travel?

If you’re not ready to move out of the country, leave your family or quit the job, that’s perfectly fine! Short-term traveling allows you to experience the new country within a few days and gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself, to unwind. Short trips are perfect for people working 9-5, who have limited time off but still want to travel. Cheap flights, easy to find sightseeing spots and a ton of beautiful social media pictures. All these are available within a simple click, so why would you stay at home?

Short-term traveler and blogger Lavina from Continent Hop loves her job but yet use every opportunity to travel the world and then share her pieces of advice on how to maintain a healthy work and life balance! Alex from Alex Block Travels also started with some short trips, having it as a hobby while working and using all his free time to travel. However, he fell in love with traveling so much that he became a full-time traveler and short trips became a World trip.

Traveling is addictive and once you start, you just want to explore and experience more. This is where long-term traveling comes to your mind. Wouldn’t it be great not having to rush anywhere and explore beyond the crowded places?

Ever heard of Jules Verne’s novel – Around the world in 80 days? Personally, I think this would be too short, but it inspired people to find realistic alternatives – which can be quite funny.

What is Long-Term Travel?

Long-term travel described in one word is freedom. Freedom to do anything, anytime and anywhere. When you buy a one-way ticket, you might have a plan for the first week or two. However, the more you travel, the more you plan on the go. While traveling, many times you might get lost in cities (voluntarily or not) instead of hunting for every touristy place full of people.

Benefits of traveling the world are countless. Being part of a local community, becoming much more open-minded and respectful to other cultures but also appreciating everything more are just a few examples!

However, a trip around the world isn’t always only about the good times. Things don’t always go to plan; traveling is getting you out of your comfort zone and you might feel lonely. But on the other hand, it teaches you patience, good budgeting skills and how to travel light. It also connects you with people from all over the world, which is priceless.

Some examples of the full-time travelers are Janet from Journalist on the Run,  Aleah from The Solitary Wanderer, Lia & Jeremy from Practical Wanderlust and Tasha Amy from Backpackers Wanderlust. All these awesome fellow travel bloggers pursued their dream, moved abroad and have been touring around the world while sharing their experiences on their blogs!

Why is Slow Travel Better?

Slow travel is about quality instead o the quantity which I definitely prefer! Exchanging planned and scheduled trips for a more thorough exploration of the country and connecting with local culture, people, and their lifestyle is the most authentic experience you can get.

The benefits are fully enjoying every moment and appreciating what’s around you. By using bikes, buses, or trains instead of airplanes allows you to see more country views, landscapes, and you will have a far better and more adventurous experience!

Now, it’s only up to you which type of travel you prefer or should I say which one you can manage at the moment? But from my experience (long-term traveler talking), I wouldn’t change my travel lifestyle because every day is different.

So is the long-term travel worth it? Definitely yes! Go out there, experience the authentic local cultures and enjoy the ride!
What’s your next adventure? Let me know below!

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