The final moments filmed on board a doomed helicopter that collided with a tourist plane have been released by Italian police.

The chilling footage, released by Italian mountain rescue team Soccorso Alpino, shows vision from the lens of two GoPro cameras on-board the two aircraft in flight.

The incident, which killed seven people in January 2019, shows peaceful scenes of the Italian Alps at first before the camera starts shaking and bouncing around as the plane and helicopter collide.

One camera angle appears to be taken form the small plane, while the other appears to be from the front window of the helicopter.

According to local reports earlier this year when the fatal incident occurred, the helicopter had taken off just minutes before the crash and the pilot had not seen the four-seater light aircraft coming in to land.

Local police rescue chief Delfino Viglione said the plane’s undercarriage smashed into the main rotor of the helicopter.

The fatal accident occurred on January 25, 2019 above a small region in northern Italy, 80km northwest of Turin.

The National Alpine and Speleological Rescue service sent a team to the site immediately after receiving reports from Aosta Valley rescue.

Seven people died in the crash — four Germans, one Belgian, one French national and one Italian.

At first, rescue officials confirmed five people died at the scene, but the death toll rose to seven when they found two bodies in the snow the next day.