A family on a luxurious holiday in Bali have begged for forgiveness after hotel workers found out they had stolen various items from their accommodation room.

The video, which was posted to social media, shows the family getting caught red-handed with luggage bags full of towels, a hairdryer and various toiletries that they pinched from their hotel rooms.

The incident, which reportedly happened in Bali, has gone viral online and viewed by thousands, with some labelling their theft as “disgraceful” and “embarrassing”.

In the two-minute video, hotel workers haul the tourist’s bags onto the streets from a parked car before opening the bags and exposing what the family had stolen from their room.

“Sorry, I will pay. Extra money I will pay,” a man is heard saying as employees ask him to explain why hotel items, including a hair dryer, soap dispenser, mirror and jars, were found in their bags.

The employee responds by saying the theft showed “no respect” to the hotel, while the family continues to apologise.

“It’s so embarrassing to watch that video from Bali where an Indian family was caught red-handed stealing from the hotel. Such a shame,” one person posted on the viral video.

“The worst example of entitled Indian travellers who are a disgrace to the image of our country. Casually stealing hand washes, room artefacts, hair dryers from a hotel room in Bali,” actress Mini Mathur said.

At the time of the video being captured, it is understood the hotel staff called police who observed as the bags were pulled apart.

In a post on Facebook, Sukawati Police shared images of the stolen items, which also included a soap dispensers and coat hangers.

“The guest acknowledged his mistake and apologised, returned the items taken and compensated for items that have not been found,” the police statement said.