Disgruntled passengers have spoken out about how “belligerent” The Veronicas were over a baggage mishap on a flight leaving Sydney this morning.

Lisa and Jess Origliasso were removed from the flight to Brisbane after they “refused to follow crew instructions” and were deemed security risks, in a scene the pair themselves have described as “upsetting and embarrassing”.

One woman posted to Instagram saying how her husband’s flight was delayed as a result.

“They asked to have their bag put in overhead locker (nicely),” she said.

“Attendant said they can’t do that (true). Whatever happened next .. plane delayed to wait for security. Then AFP comes on to remove them! Delayed flight for ages.”

But one passenger, who only wanted to be known as Greg, told The Courier Mail the pair was “belligerent” and had a “I refuse to do what I’m told because I’m important” attitude.

“They’re not stars, they’re C-graders. I recognised them because my daughter liked them, but everyone else was just going, ‘What the hell?’” he said.

“They were just being obstructive and not following instructions. The plane was getting pretty agitated.

“They got marched out, and one of (the sisters) was filming the whole thing.”

While the pair haven’t uploaded anything to their own pages, they responded this afternoon to the woman’s post on Instagram.

“This was crazy,” they wrote from their shared account.

“We actually already had our bag up in the overhead. The female flight attendant wanted Lisa’s bag spun around. Lisa asked the attendant if she could help assist her, because she couldn’t reach it (we’re only 5”1). The attendant said it was against company policy. And a lovely man behind us helped instead.

“Then right before take off, the flight attendant bought over the manger and pointed us out. He proceeded to lecture us about company policy.”

The pair said they listened and asked for the staff members’ names.

“At that point they refused to give us their names, and announced they were going to call security on us,” they said.

“We had no idea why. That’s when we started filming!

“We were so confused as to why asking for their names resulted in us being removed by 3 federal police.

“Such an upsetting and embarrassing experience. We still can’t believe this happened, and that the flight was delayed for so long when we had no idea what was happening.

“We are still in shock and so upset.”

The woman replied that her husband was also “bewildered” by the incident as the pair had remained calm.

“We are still shaken by it all,” they responded.

“We don’t understand why they announced us on the plane as security risks, when we were just sitting there saying nothing.

“It’s so scary they can call federal police on people without any reason or explanation.”

Fans defended the duo.

“Looks like you both handled this situation gracefully,” wrote one woman.

“And karma’s a b***h! Don’t fly with that company again! Glad your both ok.”

News.com.au has attempted to contact the Australian Federal Police for comment.

Qantas confirmed two passengers refused to follow crew instructions and were offloaded a flight scheduled to leave Sydney at 10am.

The Veronicas were in Sydney to perform at motivational speaker Tony Robbins’ shows.

The Brisbane pair spoke on stage about how not to be driven by ego.

“Feeling full, meditating, like how am I looking after me? And the things that fulfil a more spiritual sense of sense – not ego, not material self,” Jess told the crowd.