Well, that’s not a good look.

A traveller posted an odd-looking picture to social media that appears to show an aeroplane with a cracked window.

More shockingly, the damaged glass looks like it’s simply been covered with a piece of clear tape, despite the plane allegedly being used for flights.

Fox News reported Hariharan Sankaran uploaded the picture to his Twitter account, with the caption, “Spicejet flight SG8152 (VT-SYG) Mumbai to Delhi flying (5 Nov 2019) with a broken window stuck with cello tape. Isn’t it a major safety concern? Anyone listening?”

The airline was quick to respond on the social media platform, where they left a comment explaining that safety is their “utmost concern”.

They explained they would contact the appropriate personnel to take “necessary action”.

The post concluded by saying: “The inconvenience caused is regretted.”

Mr Sankaran responded to the airline’s reply, pointing out that “if there is a cello tape pasted, means someone has seen it and aware of the situation.”

The airline eventually posted an update, where it explained the crack was apparently only on the inner layer of the window. According to the post, the outer layer, which handled the pressurisation loads, was still intact.

“We would like to update you that the crack was on the inner flexi pane and was fixed the same day,” the airline posted.

“The purpose of the inner pane is to protect the window from scratches. The inner pane doesn’t carry structural pressurisation loads.”

Fox News reached out to Spicejet, but the company did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission