Budget airline Jetstar has issued a nationwide warning to travellers who are looking to save money on vouchers for future trips that are currently being sold on websites such as Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.

With border closures in place to some extent across the entire country, and international travel off limits, travel ‘vouchers’ are appearing on sites at discounted rates – some of which appear too good to pass up.

Some vouchers on Gumtree alone include a $497 voucher for just $420, or a $1868.50 voucher for a “negotiable” $1500 price tag.

But the airline says despite the savings some vouchers may provide, they should never be purchased because Jetstar implement a certain clause that stops tickets from being transferred.

“We remind customers never to purchase Jetstar vouchers on online marketplaces such as Gumtree, eBay or Facebook Marketplace,” a Jetstar spokesperson said.

“Jetstar vouchers are non-transferable. When redeeming them, the person named in the voucher must either be a passenger or a contact person in the booking.

“The only way to buy Jetstar vouchers is via our gift vouchers page or through third-party partners.”

The warning comes a week after the airline announced it would be cutting 370 jobs by outsourcing ground handling at the six remaining Australian airports where the work is currently done in-house.

“We realise this decision will be extremely difficult news for our ground handling team and their families at what is already a very challenging time,” Jetstar Group CEO Gareth Evans said following the announcement.

“Unfortunately this ongoing crisis means we have to make some really tough decisions which impact our team members who have provided a consistent and professional operation over many years.”