Halle Bucket List: Best Activities and Amazing Places to Visit in Halle

Belgium is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Europe. It’s decadent chocolates and sights to see fill up the bucket lists of many. If you’re up for a nature-meets-city vibe, the city of Halle will amaze you. It has some of the dreamiest and most inspiring views.

Hallerbos photo via Depositphotos
Hallerbos photo via Depositphotos

If you’re wondering about the top-rated activities in Halle, this list is perfect for you:

Tour a renaissance town hall

Grand Place of Halle, Belgium photo via Depositphotos
Grand Place of Halle, Belgium photo via Depositphotos

If majestic buildings pique your interest, the Grand Place of Halle will prove to be a treasure. It’s one of Belgium’s historic buildings, and it’s pretty accessible for tourists. You can reach it by tram, cab, and bus.

It’s also a stone throw away from many hotels. If you do visit the Grand Place, you’ll have the chance to take a peek at one of Halle’s most influential cello player, Adrien-François Servais. His statue stands in the middle of the square, commemorating his talent and uniqueness.

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Experience the Devil’s Beer

Devil's Beer by Dirk Van Esbroeck via Wikipedia CC
Devil’s Beer by Dirk Van Esbroeck – Eigen werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

More popular in Belgium as Duivelsbier, this beer originates from the sub municipality of Halle called Lembeek. It was first brewed by the pilgrims in 1883 and has become a regional product ever since.

This Belgian dark beer is of top fermentation made with specialty dark malts and candy sugar. If you’re feeling adventurous, this ale with 8% alcohol content is likely to put you out of your comfort zone.

Visit one of the oldest surviving churches in Europe.

Halle Cathedral by White shark via Wikipedia CC
Halle Cathedral By White shark – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Belgium’s Halle Cathedral was founded in 1271, and it’s surpassing the test of time well. Apart from the cathedral itself, the church’s baroque organ is a must-see.

Have a walk to the great woods and the enchanted forest

Bluebell carpet in the Hallerbos photo via Depositphotos
Bluebell carpet in the Hallerbos photo via Depositphotos

Halle is home to Hallerbos, an enchanting vast forest with the most extensive blue wild hyacinths. This blue forest measures 1,360 acres. Across this sea of garden blooms a countless spread of blue-purple flowers, which will surely captivate your senses.

The best blooms can be seen in April, although it is generally ideal for visiting Hallerbos from March to June.

Peek at the Forest Museum

The extensive Hallerbos is also home to a Forest Museum, which features various exhibitions all year round.

If the bluebells are yet to bloom in Hallerbos, you can easily catch up on the view through this exquisite museum.

Spend a day at Kids FantasyLand

If you have children accompanying you, Belgium’s Kids Fantasy Land is a must-visit! There are many fun-filled activities and games suitable for children of all ages when you visit here.

It is located in Linkebeek, Halle, and features a large interior filled with toys and play areas.

Enjoy a guided camping trip.

Camping Trip
Camping Trip

In a secluded area within Halle is the 12-hectare forest of Maasdalbos. It’s a beautiful destination where nature envelopes you from left to right and top to bottom. If you want an ultimate retreat from the city, guided activities allow you to do more than just the forest.

There are various tour packages that allow camping in the area where you can spend a night in the middle of greeneries.

Stroll around Halle’s largest urban park

Warande Park by Linda De Volder via Flickr
Warande Park by Linda De Volder via Flickr

Within Warande, Halle is an urban park perfect for nature lovers. It features strips of grasslands surrounded bountifully by varying trees. Warande Park is especially famous for having its north gate at Brussels.

If you want to travel from Halle, you can easily use this entry point leading to Brussels’ Royal Palace, which sits close to a couple of tourist attractions.

Visit a castle-turned-tower

Malakoff tower, Lembeek by Peter Van den Bossche via Flickr CC
Malakoff tower, Lembeek by Peter Van den Bossche via Flickr CC

A 16th-century Lembeek Castle was bought and turned into a tower by 1854. Later on, this tower would grace the city of Halle by being a fascinating structure to see.

This edifice is known today as the Malakoff Tower or Malakofftoren.

Indulge in outdoor fun

Huizingen Provincial Domain by Kris.buelens via Wikipedia CC
Huizingen Provincial Domain By Kris.buelens, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The Huizingen Provincial Domain in Halle is visited by tourists around the world for a unique experience. The fortress you’ll see here is more than just a castle.

It features a stellar rock garden, a pool, an exquisite pond, a zoo, a forest, some playgrounds, and sports pitches.

Relax at the Seven Springs

Zevenbronnen by Anita Deneyer via Facebook
Zevenbronnen by Anita Deneyer via Facebook

Around Brussels is Halle’s Seven Springs, also known as Zevenbronnen. It’s a 24-hectare spread of dry and wet grassland showcasing nature in its purest and most beautiful form. Various trees like alder, oak, beech, ad maple ones adorn this travel destination.

There are also numerous flowers that color the area like Wild Bluebells, Lilies of the Valley, Foxglove, Willow, and Heath.

Apart from the numerous tree and flower variety, there are around ten ponds in this area and many bats. Bird watching and hiking are among the most common activities here.

Embark on a boat trip

Halle is full of boating opportunities. If you want to reach Strépy-Thieu or Ronquières inclined plane, sailing through Belgian waters is a must-do.

Some of Belgium’s paradises are only accessible via water. Thankfully, boat trips offer convenient transportation as well as the most stellar sunrise and sunset view.

Cycle along a scenic route

Cycling tour
Cycling tour

Cycling is not only a healthy exercise but also a fulfilling way to go around Belgium. If you want a more immersive touring experience, biking with friends or new acquaintances can be fun.

If heading to Vilvoorde, where interesting tourist attractions can be found, you can certainly cycle from Halle.

Chill at the playground

Halle Gate Park by Martin w via Wikipedia CC
Halle Gate Park By Martin w at English Wikipedia – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

If you want to interact with locals, one of the most natural ways to do so is chilling by the playground. These places are especially great if you want to get to know Dutch families. Halle is home to around 30 kid-friendly play parks.

Park Halle and Halle Gate Park are some of the famous play sites in Halle.

Wine and dine

Potato gratin with cheese photo via Depositphotos
Potato gratin with cheese photo via Depositphotos

Tasting the best that Belgium has to offer is an experience, unlike any other. When in Halle, Carbonade flamande, a beef and beer stew, is a must-try.

The Belgian endive and Ham gratin, locally known as Chicons au gratin, is also a popular national dish.

These delectable dishes are best accompanied by a traditional Belgian wine.

Halle Travel and Tour Packages

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