In a recent overnight stay at Holiday Inn Darling Harbour, one of World Travel Blog team members was shocked to encounter the totally unacceptable occurrences and conditions they encountered, as follows:

The room’s floor has clearly not been thoroughly cleaned for some time with spider cobwebs and thick dust as shown above found behind a chair and more of the same was found on the floor at the top of the bed.

The condition of the rooms main entry door was the first troubling sign…

and that was after observing the state of the corridor floors everywhere! I will not make comment on the lifts but leave you to read below a recent online one star review comment made by Casual Traveler

As the management could observe, I do not have a black hair on my head, so to find the long black hair still on the wall of the shower had the duty manager scrambling for excuses how this got there.

The wine glass shelf and wine glasses were covered in dust and had not been cleaned for some time either. It was disappointing that the duty manager seemed to think the shelf was not dirty!

The condition of the glass in the bathroom was also disturbing with residue left from a previous guest.

Hard To photograph, but it’s the dust on the chrome stand of the coffee table in the room. I was trying to photograph a previous guests finger written ‘clean me’ in the dust.

Now for the serious stuff. No checking of my QR code registration or my covid vaccination. On the duty manager doubting me, I told her that she can go back and check the front desk security camera footage to see if I was making this up.

In the morning, I pointed out to a reception desk member my observation while waiting that peoples QR codes and vaccination credentials were not being checked which he seemed embarrassed about and not sure how to answer. Seriously unacceptable and will be taken up with the Government agencies monitoring this.

They say in promotion material that paid parking is available. You discover, on arrival, that its streets away and its self parking on two floors of low security basement parking. I was told to park anywhere on these floors but the only available parks were marked taxi and disabled. The duty manager was not as concerned as I was that I had to park in one of these.

Can you believe that due to party noise in adjacent bar I was forced to watch TV as a distraction from it – only to find there was a technical issue and the room was not getting any signal. I asked reception in the morning for it to be fixed so I could watch a news item I was covering. The technician never arrived…

If, after reading this, and you did want to stay here, pack these for the night time revellers outside that will keep you up till the wee small hours. Especially if you are unlucky enough to get accommodation on the side room 432 is.

Ok, so this is a 4 star hotel, given I was parking the car streets away reception agreed to have the luggage taken to the room. You would expect that being over 20 minutes parking the car streets away in the pouring rain, the least they could do was ensure the luggage was safely in the room. Wrong!

It was still standing idle on the ground floor where anyone could take it unchallenged, as I did.

The duty manager was more focused on getting the exact minutes I was away parking the car than the security risk the hotel exposed my belongings to. Seriously, why the need to ask, she would know how far away the guests parking was and the time it takes to drive on a wet night to it, park the car and then walk back to the hotel from the carpark.

I told her all could be confirmed and the time reception had to get the bags to the room by watching the security camera footage.

Recommendation – Avoid

Whoever sets the publicised star ratings for this hotel needs to look carefully at their mythology. The rating is misleading. I have had better communal and room conditions as well as superior service at 2 star hotels.

Tony Adams – World Travel Blog Reviewer