KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, a Malay live broadcaster was seen speaking fluent Malay, Mandarin, and English, switching between languages effortlessly. Her multilingual abilities gained her incredible fame on live-streaming platform – Bigo Live and netizens have started calling her “A True Malaysian Daughter”.

Chinese education has been growing in popularity among Malays in Malaysia and it is not uncommon that many of them can speak the language fluently. This phenomenon has sparked a plethora of discussion on the Internet.

A local Malay live broadcaster who goes by the name “Juna” has emerged on live-streaming platform – Bigo Live and because of her ability to converse in multiple languages, a huge fanbase started growing. Bigo Live Malaysia took the initiative to interview her and it certainly did make big waves on social media.

Juna - a local Malay live broadcaster makes waves on social media.
Juna – a local Malay live broadcaster makes waves on social media.

Of mixed parentage, Juna’s father is Chinese and her mum Malay. Looking back, Juna admits that she has come a long way, enduring challenges one after the other.

“When I was a child, people thought my mother was my maid whenever they saw us together outside. This is simply because she has darker skin than mine.”

“No matter how hard I tried to explain, it was still difficult for them to understand,Juna shared.

“Back then, there was a period when I struggled with identity confusion. I didn’t know if I belonged to the Chinese or Malay group.”

“At home, we were used to practicing both cultures simultaneously. Hence, when I was with friends of a certain race, I didn’t really know how to act appropriately.”

Juna also expressed that she couldn’t treat her Chinese friends the same way she would towards her Malay friends. This led to lots of confusion and living in irony was a big part of her life.

As she grew up, she was faced with even more challenges; especially in secondary school.

“When I was in secondary school, my schoolmates would profoundly discuss my bloodline.”

“The guys would say that I should follow the Chinese custom as my dad is Chinese and also the head of the family. On the contrary, the girls advised me to follow my mum and embrace Malay customs. There was always no easy answer to this.”

“Luckily, I finally met some friends who would guide me sincerely.”

“They taught me about the differences between Chinese and Malays. As time passed by, I slowly grew to understand the differences between these two cultures and I could adapt better,Juna recalled.

As she slowly regained her confidence, Juna transformed her identity confusion into her strength. She found her own spot in the limelight in Bigo Live.

“As I’m fluent in multiple languages, I can speak Mandarin whenever my Chinese friends (followers) come into my livestream. I can switch over to Malay immediately when my Malay friends are here, Juna shared proudly.

Besides being eloquent in multiple languages, Juna also performs Mandarin songs on the live platform from time to time.

“Don’t let the colour of your skin nor the language you speak determine who you are. Instead, we should lead our dream lives by doing what we deem best, Juna exclaimed.

Juna’s interview went online last Thursday and has since raked in a remarkable 250k views on Bigo Live Malaysia’s Facebook page. Viewership is increasing by the minute as it continues to trend.

Official Interview Video:https://fb.watch/9qajgkk0UX/

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