MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On December 10th, the leading home appliance brand Gaabor took part in the 2022 Winter Olympics Media Christmas Salon event held by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines in Manila, and at the event the many recently hot-selling products such as the Gaabor air fryer series and the Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner series in the Philippine market were showcased to the guests, which had received widespread attention. 

Many officials visited Gaabor’s display booth. Getting the hang of Gaabor’s rich product line and caring brand concept, they had intuitive and insightful knowledge of Gaabor’s innovations in fume-free cooking and smart dust-free cleaning that ensure all-round healthy home life, and expressed their expectations for Gaabor’s future development in the Philippine market.

Gaabor attended the 2022 Winter Olympics Christmas event in the Philippines, empowering people to live a healthy home life
Gaabor attended the 2022 Winter Olympics Christmas event in the Philippines, empowering people to live a healthy home life

Focusing on the Southeast Asian e-commerce market

The recent outstanding performance of the Gaabor brand in the Southeast Asian market is under the spotlight. Since its launch in September this year, Gaabor has been experiencing a rapid development trend. In October, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer series was sold out in the Philippines online mall, and multiple air fryer recipes went viral on the social network; in November, Gaabor participated in the Double 11 Super Shopping Festival on the Shopee platform for the first time, ranked Top 5 bestselling small kitchen appliances in the Southeast Asian market; in December, Gaabor rose to Top 3 bestselling small kitchen appliances in the Southeast Asian market in Southeast Asia on the Shopee platform during the Double 12 Promotion Activity.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have become more accustomed to family-centered activities, and the e-commerce in Southeast Asia has been developing rapidly. Facing both challenges and opportunities existing on the market, Gaabor actively launches smart kitchen cooking series, smart home cleaning series, smart personal care series and other high-quality products, and provides people with all-round home health management solutions through various premium products.

Empowering people to live a healthy life at home

The Gaabor brand was originally committed to improving the fume-free eco-environment in kitchens. By virtue of the Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and heat circulation air guide system developed by the core team in Germany, Gaabor has been continuously optimizing its product structure with the innovative 3D cyclone technology. It launched the first model of oil-free and fume-free air fryer in 2008. On this basis, it has been constantly expanding its product categories, which launched the Gaabor air purifier, Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner, other household cleaning products and personal care products.

At the event, Gaabor mainly exhibited a variety of products that can effectively improve the breathing health of home life, demonstrating the all-round “healthy breathing, green home” smart solutions that the brand brings to Southeast Asia, proactively practicing the core concept and brand values of “Share delicacy dass love” and effectively empowering the public to live a healthy life at home.

Gaabor, love in freshness.

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