A child killed in Tasmania’s jumping castle tragedy has been remembered for his sense of humour and mischievous smile.

Friends and family have gathered to remember another victim of the horrific jumping castle incident in Tasmania, remembering the boy for his mischievous smile and enthusiasm for life.

Jye Max Sheehan, 12, is the second child to be farewelled after he was killed in the freak accident on December 16.

Mourners gathered at the Mersey Gardens Chapel and Crematorium, where his coffin had flowers and a soccer ball placed on it.

The funeral celebrant said the sixth-grader was an avid soccer player who idolised Lionel Messi and knew all sorts of facts about the sport.

“He even made sure that he ate veggies, salad and fruit to improve his soccer fitness,” she said.

“(His mother) Katrina, big brother Saxon and Jye were a tight trio. They had each other’s back and were super close.

“He loved to learn and was a sponge for knowledge. He was super proud of his learning and would always share with anyone who would listen.

“You will be forever loved. Forever missed.”

His Hillcrest Primary School teacher Ms Thompson wrote a letter in honour of Jye, who she will always remember for his zest for life and love of fried rice.

“It was my privilege to teach Jye in the last four years of primary school and to see him grow into a wonderful young man who was ready for a new adventure,” Ms Thompson said.

“Jye was one of those special people who leaves a lasting impression on everyone they meet. For the rest of my life when I think of Jye I will see his beautiful beaming smile and those gorgeous brown eyes that just sparkle with mischief.”

Jye’s cousin spoke on behalf of the boy’s father Glenn who was in intensive care and unable to attend.

“The first time I met Jye I saw a miniature Glenn and he could light up the room with his mischievous smile,” she said.

“Glenn enjoyed sharing a love for playing board games together.

“Jye now has his angel wings and is reunited with Poppy Max and Nanny Lynn.

“You are so wonderful to think of but so hard to live without.”

Jye’s teacher Mrs Thompson said it was a privilege to see him grow into a wonderful young man who had a great sense of humour and cheeky answer for everything.

“He had a love and enthusiasm for life that was infectious,” she said.

“Jye was one of those special people who would leave a lasting impression on everyone.”

Sarah Sheehan teared up during her farewell to Jye, saying his death was a sad loss for the entire family.

“We stand here today with a broken heart. The loss of a child is something no one could ever have prepared for. He had so many dreams and so many plans. He would have made these dreams come true,” Sarah said.

Your life started with a fast hello and a fast goodbye but you will never be truly gone. Everyone in this room carries a piece of you in their mind and their heart forever.”

A tribute written from Jye’s close friend Beau was also read aloud, calling his friend his “gaming wingman” who spent all their spare time together.

“You were always there for me and I was always there for you,” he said.

“Miss you mate. Play on forever.”

A slide show was played at the end of the service, showing images of Jye as a baby, with his brother, with his pet dog and his soccer teams.

Loved ones each laid a single rose petal on the coffin as they left the procession and said their final goodbyes.

Jye was one of six children killed in the Hillcrest Primary School’s jumping castle incident on December 16.

The other victims were Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, 12, Peter Dodt, 12, Addison Stewart, 11, and Chace Harrison, 11, and Zane Mellor, 12.

There were also three others students who were inside the jumping castle when a gust of wind sent it 10 metres into the air during end-of-year celebrations.

Two of them were hospitalised with critical injuries but have since been moved out of the intensive care unit at Royal Hobart Hospital.

It was only yesterday that Jye’s peer Zane Mellor was remembered at a service in the same chapel.

– Additional reporting by Kenji Sato