GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More than 2,500 kilos of fresh Deqing Gonggan, a popular type of mandarin in China, were exported to Vietnam for the first time on January 3rd, two days after the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) came into effect, according to a Nanfang Media report.

This batch of Deqing Gonggan was exported by two large-scale trading and logistics companies, Xiamen C&D and Cirole Logistics. Departing from Guangzhou’s Nansha Port, the fruit is expected to arrive at Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Port this week. Thus far, Deqing Gonggan has entered RCEP member countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore, and it’s well received by local customers.

Known as the king of Chinese mandarins, Deqing Gonggan is named after Deqing County of Guangdong Province. Deqing Gonggan and orange are similar in shape, but it’s easier to peel like tangerines with a sweet and fresh flavor. It is said that it used to be an imperial tribute (“Gonggan” means tribute mandarin in Chinese) because the Chinese Emperor Song Gaozong of the Song Dynasty loved it so much.

RCEP member countries are all important economic and trading partners of China. Vietnam is one of the large export markets of Chinese mandarins and Gonggan’s unique flavor makes it a scarce and popular product in the Vietnamese market.

The export of Guangdong’s Deqing Gonggan has benefited from the 6-hour customs clearance under the RCEP. Deqing Gonggan’s first exporting to Vietnam also indicates that more Chinese agricultural products are able to gain access to the agricultural markets of RCEP member countries, which is expected to deepen and diversify cooperation between China and other RCEP member states.