BEIJING, Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by on two Xinjiang truck drivers’ “free chauffeuring”:

“To Mansur Patar, Mamat Nurdun: Thank you for so kindly helping out a resident from Peixian county. Our highest tribute to you! This 10,000 yuan is a gesture of appreciation for your kindness…” This is a thank-you letter sent from China’s Jiangsu province to Xinjiang autonomous region. Behind this thank-you letter is a touching story about a 4,700 kilometers’ worth of chauffeuring.

Two months ago, Zhao Xulei, a truck driver from Jiangsu, went to Xinjiang to ship cotton. During the shipment, he accidentally injured his left eye. Left stranded in an unfamiliar place and barely knowing anyone, Zhao tried reaching out to two local truck drivers, Mansur Patar and Mamat Nurdun. At that time, they had known each other for only 11 days. Without any hesitation, Mansur and Mamat helped Zhao get hospitalized for prompt treatment.

This is not where the story ends. After a couple of days, Zhao needed to be transferred to Beijing for further treatment. This posed a new problem: What was he going to do with his truck? To everyone’s surprise, Mansur and Mamat made a bold decision: Drive Zhao’s truck back to Jiangsu for him.

From Xinjiang to southeast China’s Jiangsu, that is a 4,700 km journey, traversing almost all of China from west to east. But these two Xinjiang truck drivers insisted doing this for Zhao, so that Zhao could receive his treatment and leave worries aside. On their journey, Mansur and Mamat took turns driving. After 8 days and 8 nights, they finally got Zhao’s truck back to Jiangsu safely.

This “free chauffeuring,” according to Mansur and Mamat, is just a “minor favor” that is not even worth mentioning. But barely anyone could hear this story and left untouched. After all, not everyone is capable of such acts of kindness for someone who is an acquaintance at most.

Tian Ye, a young man from Xinjiang who is starting his own business in Xi’an, spent 17 hours a day making dumplings for medical workers and volunteers at COVID testing sites, hospitals and neighborhoods, free of charge, just to do his bit to help combat the new surge of the pandemic. Abdujapar, a nomad from Xinjiang helped push the tourists’ car out of a swamp, but when the tourists offered him money to thank him, Abdujapar showed them his CPC party member badge and declined the reward. These sincere gestures and warm-hearted people from Xinjiang are a microcosm of what real Xinjiang society is like.

When asked about their stories, Mansur, Mamat and Abdujapar unanimously replied: “We are a family.” These plain words are their genuine thoughts. In this grand family that we call China, people of different ethnic groups have their respective cultures and customs, but share common values such as the pursuit of genuineness, kindness and virtues, as well as working towards a better life. Hats off to them for such compassion and selflessness.

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4,700 km of free chauffeuring: A warm story about Xinjiang

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