SINGAPORE, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Indonesian writer, Desstinna, has built her dream house from the income earned within just 5 months of writing stories for Stary, which is the holding company of the leading online reading app Dreame. She nicknamed her home as “Stary House” and generously showed her home after Dreame’s special event with Indonesian writers held on May 28th, 2022.

Desstinna and her "Stary House"
Desstinna and her “Stary House”

Desstinna began publishing stories in college. Her fan base was relatively small at the time, but after joining Stary, she now has 14 books published and 60,000 followers on Dreame. Her most popular book “Perfect Honeymoon” reaches 28 million reads and comes as a 5 book series.

Writing fiction online is still new to many writers, but Desstinna has seen a positive response to web fiction from users which have created potential for a lucrative industry that offers, not only, convenience in reading fiction, but also the ease of feeling represented for both readers and writers. Writers are able to improve their stories by having a greater experience of relating with readers as well as exploring different inclusive concepts with readers. The world of imagination has also now become much more versatile and easier to expand.

“Dreame has provided me with the opportunity to allow my stories to reach a wider audience by increasing the ease of promoting my work and clarifying earning parameters related to my work. I am happy to be part of this community and feel lucky to become a Dreame writer.” 

An insider from Dreame says she is proud to see that their work have been valuable. “Many writers have earned themselves a better life and I am particularly proud to see female writers such as Desstinna being able to afford her dreams such as her beautiful home.”

With the income earned from Dreame, Dessitinna is planning a trip to Singapore in July for her first ever abroad travelling. Furthermore, she wishes to become a professional writer and will take a second bachelor degree in literature, other than her previously earned business degree, in late 2022.

Dreame is a multilingual reading platform for web fiction aimed towards a global audience in over 100 countries and regions, it also offers audio books, web comics and a wide range of IP development and operation services for creators. It’s holding company, Stary, is headquartered in Singapore.