• Accelerating innovation ESG supply chain, starting with the launch of ‘Thinker Meatly’.
  • Planning to establish an innovative value chain that connects the production and distribution of agricultural and livestock products specialized in organic and carbon neutrality
  • To become a global company by strengthening synergies with various overseas companies

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SEED(CEO Kim Chan-ho), Korea’s only Agri-Fintech startup, is embarking on a full-fledged effort to innovate the domestic ESG distribution value chain. As the first start, it was announced that it would launch ‘Thinker Meatly’, an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral livestock brand. 

SEED, starting with the launch of ‘Thinker Meatly’ in earnest innovating the ESG distribution value chain in Korea
SEED, starting with the launch of ‘Thinker Meatly’ in earnest innovating the ESG distribution value chain in Korea

Under the slogan of ‘healthier, more delicious, premium livestock products that you meet for the first time’, ‘Thinker Meatly’ is an ESG livestock brand that offers only organic, antibiotic-free, and carbon-neutral products.  

Starting with the launch of an ESG livestock brand, SEED plans to build a new ESG distribution value chain that has never existed before. Ultimately, The goal is to provide customers with organic, antibiotic-free and carbon-neutral sustainable food of Korea and the world.

Thinker Meatly’s main products include carbon-neutral grass-fed meat (100% Grass-Fed) from Uruguay, Wagyu beef, and carbon-neutral lamb from Australia, which are currently available in famous Korean online markets (SSG.COM, Wadiz, etc.) and famous Korean family restaurants. These products went through advanced livestock farming systems and strict quality control in Uruguay and Australia, and obtained certification for animal welfare, non-antibiotics, non-growth hormone, and animal protein administration in the respective countries. In addition, it has achieved carbon neutrality by offsetting the amount of carbon generated during the production process, and has even received carbon neutral certification in each country. 

SEED is discussing with various farms in Korea and abroad to expand the lineup to various premium livestock products such as high-quality organic pork and organic chicken. 

Furthermore, SEED plans to start construction of SEED FARM within this year to build a sustainable value chain from production to distribution. SEED Farm is a state-of-the-art glass greenhouse that can control complex environments using SEED’s smart farm construction technology, IoT, and directly produces high value added agricultural products. In addition, a complex cultural space where you can enjoy experiences and healing directly at the agricultural production site will be created. 

Eco-friendly fruits and vegetables produced and harvested at the SEED FARM are planned to be distributed through the ESG agricultural brand ‘Thinker Fresh.’ 

Kim Chan-ho, CEO of SEED, said, “I am convinced that the best way for foreign livestock companies to enter the Korean ESG distribution market is through SEED’s ‘Thinker Meatly’.” We will quickly leap forward as a global company by establishing an innovative value chain that connects the company and strengthening synergies with various overseas companies.” 

About SEED  

SEED is the only Agri-Fintech company in Korea that enables end-to-end business in the agri-food industry, from smart farm construction to cultivation, distribution, and finance, which already achieved extreme business efficiency through Seed’s unique vertical integration in the agri-food industry. To this end, by providing all types of services such as open-field production, SFS (SEED Farm System) solution production management, and large-scale glass greenhouses, we are leading agricultural innovation by eliminating the risk of uncertainty from agricultural production to distribution. In addition, by applying a data-based independent credit rating model that combines the livestock industry and finance, we aim to solve financial problems through credit revaluation of agri-food industry workers in financial blind spots. In addition, the company plans to build its own PSP platform to support specialized payment and financial services for agriculture industry workers and small business owners.  

We hope to receive a lot of interest and contacts from potential overseas partners who want to distribute eco-friendly livestock products to Korea through SEED. 
Contact: meat@seedglobal.co