TAIPEI, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since its launch in 201517sing has grown up together with Taiwanese users, not only singing so many hit songs together, but also cultivating many excellent Taiwanese musicians, realizing the original intention of accompanying users with music. This year, in order to celebrate the eighth anniversary, 17sing specially launched seven fun activities with different meanings during the anniversary period. After more than a month of fierce competition, 24 users finally stood out and will be awarded the honor of “Cosmic Witness”, and at the same time, they will be invited to 17sing’s eighth anniversary event on August 19th, where they will celebrate with Yichen Fan and other hundreds of singers!

These 24 users were selected by participating in the online activities for the 8th anniversary of 17sing. The seven activities were: “Anniversary Savings Ranking”, “Kara Star Wonderful Night”, “Band Star Vocalist”, “The Voice – 17sing Anniversary”, “17sing Universe – Family Space Station”, “CP Karasoul Feeding” and “Countdown to Celebrate the Anniversary”. Upon the launch of the activities, they have created a strong impact on the user community and attracted the active participation of a wide range of users. With music as the carrier and birthday celebration as the theme, the activities were very attractive. This anniversary event not only attracted a large number of users to participate, but also increased the attention of users.

The 24 users who were awarded “Cosmic Witness” represent a large group of users who have witnessed the growth of 17sing, and their participation in the ceremony has a deeper significance, which has greatly narrowed the distance between users, effectively tightened the emotional connection between users and 17sing. They witnessed how 17sing listened to users, paid attention to details, and continued to make progress, ultimately becoming the most trustworthy karaoke App in users’ hearts. The activities fully demonstrated the “user-centered and active feedback” idea of 17sing. The launch of this anniversary series of activities also demonstrated the unprecedented cohesion and interactivity of 17sing’s user group.

17sing and its users have built a strong friendship. First of all, the 24 “Cosmic Witness” users are undoubtedly the proof of the quality and service of 17sing. Their presence will influence more people’s brand impression and choice of 17sing. In the highly competitive mobile Karaoke market, how to continuously improve user experience is a question that every brand is thinking about. 17sing has been established for eight years, and in the long time, it still radiates youthful vitality. This truly shows the user-centered idea of 17sing, and is also an affirmation of its brand value and influence. In the future, 17sing will live up to the expectations , dedicating itself to technological innovation and user experience optimization,using technology and humanism to create a high-quality Karaoke community that covers the music community and connects the world.

On the upcoming August 19th, which is the 8th anniversary celebration party of 17sing, 24 “Cosmic Witness” users will be invited to celebrate the 8th anniversary of 17sing. There will be a lot of exciting shows, including singing by star singers, lucky draws, fun game sessions, and an award ceremony for the “Cosmic Witness”. What’s more, the famous singer Yichen Fan will also come to stage to sing his classic hits and participate in the ceremony. There will also be lots of food, small gifts, autograph wall and other surprises at the event. Please look forward to the 8th Anniversary Celebration Party on 8/19!

If you want to watch the 8th anniversary celebration of 17sing, please download the 17sing app, watch the live streaming together in the official room, and get great rewards.

For more information about the celebration activities, please click on the official Facebook page of 17sing. In addition, you can also participate in community activities to win various gold beans, gold coins,presents and other rewards.