KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VIGILL, Taiwan’s leading women’s intimate care brand, proudly announces its recognition as the “Excellence in Women’s Intimate Hygiene Products Brand” at the 5th Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA 2022) in Malaysia. VIGILL stands as the sole Taiwanese brand to achieve this honor, showcasing its exceptional capabilities and unmatched professionalism in the field of women’s intimate care on the global stage.

The Lang International Corporate Titan Awards hold a distinguished position in Malaysia’s corporate arena, attracting luminaries from politics and business. Distinguished figures, including esteemed senators, parliament members, and chairman of government public universities, along with leaders and officers from government-related institutions, graced the ceremony, emphasizing LICTA’s revered stature and influence.

This accomplishment underscores LICTA’s reputation for stringent evaluation standards. Amidst a competitive landscape, VIGILL’s consistent innovation and provision of high-quality products allowed it to stand out, earning the exclusive distinction as the “Excellence in Women’s Intimate Hygiene Products Brand” from Taiwan. This recognition underscores VIGILL’s unique position and remarkable achievements within the industry.

As the exclusive sponsor of vouchers and gifts totaling 200,000 Malaysian Ringgit in value at the Licta ceremony,it is actually offering a luxurious experience. This sponsorship not only enriched the event’s ambiance but also displayed VIGILL’s profound appreciation and unwavering support for the LICTA ceremony, expressing sincere gratitude to all participants.

VIGILL has consistently demonstrated its commitment to women’s intimate care and health in Taiwan’s domestic market. The brand’s exceptional quality and professional service have garnered extensive user support, cementing its leadership position in the industry. This recognition through the LICTA International Corporate Titan Award provides significant encouragement to the VIGILL team, propelling their expansion and growth within the Malaysian market.It is poised to foster broader international recognition and make people trust the brand.

VIGILL remains committed to innovation, understanding Malaysian consumer needs, and empowering women for healthier lives. It eagerly anticipates contributing further to the women’s intimate care sector in Malaysia.

VIGILL sponsored gifts for the LICTA ceremony, providing guests with a range of lavish presents.
VIGILL sponsored gifts for the LICTA ceremony, providing guests with a range of lavish presents.