HONG KONG, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Organized by Exhibition Group, the Asia’s largest cat-themed expo, “Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023” officially opened today. The opening ceremony was officiated by Mr Kenneth Wong, General Manager of MICE & Cruise of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr Carl Wong, Chairman of Exhibition Group, Ms Shirley Chu, General Manager of Exhibition Group and Dr Snow Chan, Council Member of Hong Kong Arts Development Council. “Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023” is being held from today until August 27 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 3 BC, featuring over 130 exhibitors and 300 booths that will attract both overseas travelers and local citizens, with an estimated attendance of up to 150,000.

“Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023” aims to create a comprehensive platform for cat enthusiasts and the industry, gathering a variety of cat-themed products including international pet cat supplies brands, as well as creative products, lifestyle goods, trendy toys, and artworks. Supported by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau’s HKD 1.4 billion “Incentive Scheme for Recurrent Exhibitions“, “Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023” has become Asia’s largest cat-themed exhibition.

In response to the continuously expanding pet market and citizens’ growing enthusiasm for cat raising, various themed exhibition areas and exciting activities will be held at the Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023, including a cat lover creative market, trendy cat playhouse, a cat art gallery with Eastern and Western artworks, and cat lover seminars hosted by “Cat is Cat” To address the issue of stray animals in Hong Kong, the Exhibition Group has also organized the Meow Dance Challenge charity event to support stray cat rescue and protection organizations.

Mr. Carl Wong, Chairman of Exhibition Group, said, “Hong Kong’s pet market is huge, particularly with over 100,000 households keeping cats. Recent surveys have shown that spending on cat care continues to grow, estimating the industry size at HKD 1.8 billion. The market demand is strong. We will devote ourselves to promoting pet culture and industry development. Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023 is not only a place to showcase creativity and unique products but also offers an opportunity for cat enthusiasts and the industry to communicate. We hope that through the expo, we can convey messages of happiness and love for cats, deepen the connection between humans and cats, and jointly create a more friendly and caring pet society.”

The Hong Kong Cat Expo is collaborating with local artist Leonlollipop for the first time, bringing his character “Gloomie” from Tai Ping Shan Street to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. By combining the two elements into a unique original design, it leaves a deep impression on visitors from both the mainland and overseas. At the Hong Kong Cat Expo, The Cat Art Gallery at the expo will feature a 10-meter long scroll of “Hundred Cats” painted by Chinese master Li Yukai. Meanwhile, the Trendy Cat Playhouse will display modern artworks and toys from various regions, offering sales opportunities. The Cat Lover Creative Market will also gather numerous cat-themed boutiques and handmade brands, including famous Hong Kong illustrator and comic artist “Mandy Cat.” A 5.5-meter high “Cat Bun Tower” made of over 3000 Cat Bun will be a major highlight of the exhibition, and the Bun with Cat grass will be used as gifts for consumption raffles.

Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023

Selected Features:

  • Cat Bun Tower
    A 5.5-meter high “Cat Bun Tower” made of 3,000 cat bags. Inside the “Cat Bun” is catnip, and there are 8 types. Spend HKD $150 onsite for a raffle opportunity.
  • 2023 CFA International Division
    A world-class large-scale cat competition. The eight-ring contest will be judged by two local and six foreign judges from the United States, Australia, and Finland, divided into categories like cats, neutered cats, kittens, and house cats. View over 20 different breeds and more than 100 cats, understand their characteristics and personalities, and interact with fellow cat lovers.
  • Meow Dance Challenge
    Create a fun dance short video in IG Reel format to gain cat food donations for stray cats. Visit the HKCEC ballroom during the event to record a dance video, or participate online.
  • Cat Lover Creative Market
    This area gathers cat-themed boutiques and handmade brands. Hand-drawn illustrations, boutique designs, and many cat-themed products can be found.
  • Cat Lover Seminar
    Renowned Hong Kong cat enthusiast talk show hosts will provide professional advice on cat care and training, host Q&A sessions, and provide tips on cat behavior and communication.

Group photo of the officiating guest of Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023 and members of CFA International Division.
Group photo of the officiating guest of Hong Kong Cat Expo 2023 and members of CFA International Division.