An advanced dryer equipped with a brushless 1400W motor at 105,000 RPM for ultra-fast drying and Smart Temperature Control to protect hair and scalp from heat damage

HONG KONG, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Laifen, a renowned leader in hair care products, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Laifen SE High-Speed Hair Dryer. With its strong airflows and Smart Temperature Control, the SE can dry hair 5x faster than traditional hair dryers, while protecting the hair and scalp from excessive heat damage. The Laifen SE comes with a magnetic smooth nozzle and diffuser nozzle and is available in four Morandi modern colors. The new Laifen SE is available on Amazon and at the Laifen website.

Dry Faster Than Ever

The Laifen SE breaks tradition by drying hair with strong airflows, rather than using excessive heat like most hair dryers on the market. Its high-speed, brushless motor reaches an impressive 105,000 RPM, with a wind speed of 21m/s. The Laifen SE dries hair at least 5x faster than traditional dryers in up to 2-8 minutes, depending on length and thickness. The Laifen SE retails for $149.99.

Smart Temperature Control Protects Hair and Scalp

To eliminate hair and scalp heat damage, the Laifen SE is equipped with Laifen’s exclusive and advanced Smart Temperature Control, which automatically monitors and adjusts for excessive heat. It alternates between hot and cold airflows to prevent hair damage. The Smart Temperature Control continuously monitors the air temperature at 50 times per second, making slight adjustments to keep hair safe and healthy. It also ensures sweating of the area after drying, keeping beneficial moisture in the hair.

Unique Temperature Cycling Mode & 3-Color LED

With a simple motion of press and hold the button for two seconds, activates its Temperature Cycling mode, to alternate between hot and cold airflows every few seconds, to effectively protect both the hair and scalp from excessive heat damage. For visual monitoring, the 3-Color LED on the Laifen SE displays three illuminated color controls: red for 80 degrees (hot airflows), yellow for 50 degrees (warm airflows), and blue for cold airflows.

Negative Ionic Hair Dryer for Silky, Frizz-Free Hair

The Laifen hair dryer has an impressive 200 million negative ions that promote silky, frizz-free hair. With ionic technology, this dryer repels water, locks moisture, gives a healthy, natural shine to say goodbye to common frizz, and produces sleek, smooth hair without heat damage.

Lightweight and Portable for On-the-Go Styling

The Laifen SE is lightweight and portable, as it weighs only 407 grams and measures less than 9cm long. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use and is an ideal choice for both professional hairstylists and individuals who are always on the go.

Unique Colors for Every Personality

With a unique design, the Laifen SE features an elegant and high-quality Morandi modern color selection. The beauty of nature inspires every color choice and enhances the visual appeal of this hair dryer. The ergonomic design and simple buttons further improve its user-friendly nature, so it can be used comfortably while styling. Ensuring safety is prioritized, its tight filter mesh cover prevents hair from being drawn into the dryer, giving the user complete peace of mind.

About Laifen

Founded in 2019, Laifen Tech is the designer and manufacturer of a high-speed brushless motor capable of an astounding 110,000 rpm. This breakthrough innovation helped power the Laifen LF01, the company’s first fast-dry hairdryer, in 2020. Today, Laifen’s family of efficient, cutting-edge home products and accessories can be found in over five million households worldwide. With a third of all employees working in research and development, Laifen continues to focus on creating even more life-changing products for discerning and modern consumers.

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