SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Glorious Collection is a brand resolute in delivering oriental beauty to the world. Cooperated with many artisans spanning various ethnicity, this online shop featuring in oriental handiwork will let you discover all types of beautiful handmade gift for everyone, while contributing to promote local artisans. Recently, this company rolled out a series of traditional tea sets and embroidery bags in both European and American market.  

“Many local artisans now grapple with challenging times because of industrialization.” Said by the founder Xiaoxiao Wu. “I studied in U.S years ago, during my stay there, I found it’s hard to find oriental style type of products. But they actually look so pretty and deserve to be presented to the world. In Europe, people respect local artisans a lot and prefer handicrafts which embody artisan’s spirit and sentiments. We have artisans here in my country inherited handcrafting skills last for thousands of years passed down by our ancestors but now these intricate skills are diminishing.”

Different aesthetic experience

The craftsmanship of latest released series of tea sets can be traced back to Song Dynasty. Ru tea ware is one of the top 5 Chinese famous kilns built thousands of years ago. The embroidery bags with song brocade which is one of the oldest Chinese traditional silk crafts. Song brocade has a complex production process, with warp and weft showing patterns at the same time as the main feature. 

About us

Founded in 2022, this company formed by some passionate young graduates who are quite ambitious to promote traditional tea sets, embroidery and vintage jewelry design etc. in a global range.Through prioritizing products made by local indigenous craftspeople, businesses can help with artistic practices and craftsmanship.Sustainable sourcing takes working with indigenous groups and respectfully understanding about their traditional culture to ensure the ethical sourcing of products. We apply a portion of our profits to support our artisans, an endeavor we believe will honor both handcrafting heritage and the economy.