JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BLUETTI’s portable power supply is even more eco-friendly, And for disaster preparedness. If you are thinking about purchasing solar panels, we are pleased to provide you with an introduction guide.


What is done with solar panels is “solar power generation. We often hear this term, but how does it actually produce electricity? In fact, they are made up of two types of semiconductors, each of which collects + and – electrons when exposed to sunlight and acts as a battery.

Although the principle is the same, there are differences in power generation efficiency, output, durability, and compatibility among solar panels, and there are many factors to choose from. For charging smartphones and other devices, a solar panel of 10-50W is sufficient, but for charging a portable power supply, a solar panel with 100W or more is recommended.

Durability is also an important point to consider, since the product is supposed to be used outdoors. Choose one that is not only sturdy but also capable of handling sudden light rain.

If you are going to use solar panels, it is ideal to use a portable power supply so that you can take advantage of its benefits not only during the day when the weather is nice, but also on rainy days and at night. There are many types of portable power sources, and you need to choose the capacity according to your application and purpose, but the most important factor to consider is safety. There are a variety of portable power sources, but the safest among them are those that use “lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries.

In fact, there is a trick to using solar panels. To maximize charging efficiency, the first step is to adjust the solar panel so that it faces the sun at a right angle. As time goes by, the angle of the sun changes, so the direction must be changed. It is also important to “avoid being in shadow. If there is even a small area in shadow, the efficiency of power generation will decrease. It is necessary to devise ways to ensure that light shines on the entire surface of the panel. It is also important to “keep it clean and install it in a place with good air circulation.

BLUETTI, an industry leader selling portable power supplies in more than 70 countries around the world, offers portable power supplies and solar panels that can be used as solar power systems.


One PV120 solar panel can produce up to 120W of electricity and is applicable to EB3A/EB55/EB70S/AC60/AC180/AC200MAX, One PV120 can fully charge an EB3A in about 3.3 hours.




Unlike conventional 100W or 200W foldable solar panels, BLUETTI PV350 can output up to 350W. There are limited times of the day when sunlight is good. It is recommended to store as much energy as possible during the times when sunlight is good.

When combined with the even larger capacity AC200MAX, it is recommended to connect 2~3 panels in series.

BLUETTI solar panels are equipped with the versatile MC4 cable and can be used not only with BLUETTI portable power supplies, but also with other manufacturers’ portable power supplies if the specifications are matched.

BLUETTI portable power supplies use the safest lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries, which are safe, reliable, and long-lasting. Considering the camping, overnight stay and disaster prevention aspects, it is important to choose the safest one, and BLUETTI Portable Power Supply & Solar Panel solar power generation system will surely meet your expectations.