TAIPEI, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Texture Maker, a prominent player in the baking industry, has unveiled an exciting solution for baking professionals – Chewco KaaS (Knowledge-As-A-Service), an advanced professional training platform that harnesses augmented reality (AR). With a strong focus on quality and excellence, this online platform is designed to empower bakers to make Chewco products, such as mochi donuts. In a time when mochi donuts are gaining popularity and the demand for unique bakery products is on the rise, Chewco’s innovative approach aims to address the challenges faced by both experienced bakers and aspiring mochi donut creators.

Picture of mochi donuts decorated with Halloween-themed coating, made with Chewco’s Mochi Donut Mix. The new Chewco Bake KaaS service allows bakers to follow the recipe with AR glasses.
Picture of mochi donuts decorated with Halloween-themed coating, made with Chewco’s Mochi Donut Mix. The new Chewco Bake KaaS service allows bakers to follow the recipe with AR glasses.

The Challenge of Crafting Mochi Donuts

Mochi donuts, known for their distinctive chewy texture and bracelet shape, have become a sensation in the baking world. Crafting these unique treats demands an understanding of baking techniques but also precision and creativity since attaining the perfect “mochi” texture requires continuous experimentation and refinement. Many mochi donut businesses struggle to access the necessary resources and guidance to accelerate their growth.

Cost Barriers

Traditional baking training methods come with a hefty price tag, making it difficult for bakers, both experienced and novice, to access high-quality education. As a result, many individuals turn to self-education through online resources. However, this self-learning approach often lacks the depth and hands-on experience needed to master the intricacies of mochi donut making. Consequently, this can lead to inconsistencies in product quality, limiting the success of mochi donut businesses.

Revolutionizing Mochi Donut Training with Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS

Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS leverages innovative AR technology to transform mochi donut education. It seamlessly integrates traditional mochi donut recipes with smart glasses to offer an immersive and efficient learning experience for both seasoned professionals and aspiring mochi donut creators.

Seamless Learning via Smart Glasses

At the core of Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS is advanced AR technology. Smart glasses equipped with voice control facilitate hands-on learning, and this immersive approach ensures that learners can master the art of crafting mochi donuts with precision and confidence.

Guided Troubleshooting by Experts

Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS goes beyond conventional training methods by providing real-time assistance from remote specialists. Learners can engage in direct interaction with mochi donut experts through the platform’s electronic whiteboards. This personalized guidance not only minimizes errors but also accelerates skill development, enabling mochi donut makers to consistently produce exceptional results.

Comprehensive Subscription Model

Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS offers a comprehensive subscription model tailored to the needs of mochi donut entrepreneurs. The subscription includes an array of resources such as video tutorials, mochi donut recipes, and smart glasses. Notably, the smart glasses are available through a deposit-based system and are provided free of charge with a three-year subscription. This affordability and accessibility make Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS an appealing choice for both established mochi donut businesses and newcomers to the industry.

In conclusion, Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS represents a significant leap forward in mochi donut education. By harnessing the power of AR technology, this platform addresses the time, expertise, and cost barriers that have long hindered the growth and success of mochi donut businesses. With seamless learning via smart glasses, guided troubleshooting by experts, and a comprehensive subscription model, Chewco Mochi Donut KaaS empowers mochi donut makers to excel in their craft and meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers. As the mochi donut trend continues to gain momentum, Chewco’s innovative approach ensures that professionals and enthusiasts alike are well-equipped to thrive in a competitive market. For those interested in experiencing the future of mochi donut education and taking their mochi donut creations to new heights, Chewco invites you to visit booth B4/215 and try the AR mochi donut making experience for yourself.