BEIJING, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Organized by the China Children’s Cultural and Art Foundation, Beijing Tangzhi Media Co., Ltd. participated in the organization of the “2024 Art Education Project · Children’s Public Welfare Spring Festival Gala”, with the theme of “Inheritance, Watch, and Dream” The aim is to enable more children to experience the spirit of Chinese culture through the Children’s Public Welfare Spring Festival Gala platform, continuously stimulate their artistic imagination and creativity, awaken their love for art, and showcase their dreams of aviation, sports, and technology through artistic forms, inspiring them to establish lofty ideals. At that time, the gala will be held by Beijing Television Station Kaku Children’s TV and China Education Television during the Spring Festival Broadcast on CETV-1, we set sail for our dreams and cheer for them. Stay tuned!

Source: Beijing Tangzhi Media Co., Ltd.