PINGTUNG, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In this festive season, finding the perfect gift to convey heartfelt sentiments can be quite a challenge. However, Taiwan’s local brand HI TAO KE, a brand of Rong Hong Daily Groceries Ltd., has set out to be a savior for people, making this task much easier! HI TAO KE has thoughtfully curated a selection of nearly 50 items, allowing customers to customize their gift choices according to their preferences. What’s even more appealing is their price range, ranging from 499 to 1299 Taiwanese dollars, all elegantly packaged in large gift boxes., 

But where does the story of HI TAO KE begin?

HI TAO KE” is a well-established local brand with a 40-year history deeply rooted in Taiwan’s Xiao Liuqiu. Initially, they specialized in selling refreshing beverages, but over time, they transformed into an online e-commerce brand. Throughout this journey, HI TAO KE has consistently embodied the spirit of the coastal people of Xiao Liuqiu. They source all their ingredients and seafood from local fishermen, ensuring the use of the freshest produce. Their dedication to hand-picking high-quality seafood is evident in their range of seafood snacks and various souvenirs, all brimming with deep affection for Xiao Liuqiu. Their four decades of refined craftsmanship not only reflect their commitment to quality but also convey heartfelt gratitude to their esteemed customers. The old shop continues to uphold the principles of being ‘affordable, delicious, and high-quality.’ This is why customers can’t stop praising their products after trying them.

When it comes to gift-giving, making a positive first impression while bringing joy to the recipient’s heart is essential. HI TAO KE ensures that their Lunar New Year gift boxes will not disappoint this year. With orders pouring in from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and various locations worldwide, HI TAO KE‘s Lunar New Year gift offerings are certain to leave a lasting impression that satisfies both the giver and the recipient.

For more information, visit HI TAO KE’s official website at and explore their blog at to delve deeper into this proud Taiwanese local brand. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your loved ones a special gift this Lunar New Year!

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