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2024 “Future World” International Youth Art Exhibition Concludes Successfully in Tajikistan

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, June 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2024 “Future World” International Youth Art Exhibition was grandly inaugurated at the National Museum of Tajikistan in Dushanbe. This event, co-organized by the Committee on Youth and Sports Affairs of the Government of Tajikistan, the China Intercontinental Communication Center of the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China, and the Media Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, was hosted by Yunnan SCO Culture and Sports Co., Ltd., Shanghai Art Fair International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and the “Future World” International Youth Art Exhibition Organizing Committee. It received support from the Embassy of Tajikistan in China, the Embassy of China in Tajikistan, and UNESCO. The aim was to build a bridge for youth exchanges among the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), promote understanding of cultural diversity, and foster deeper knowledge of China among global youth through artistic creation.

Distinguished guests, including Safarzoda Anvar from the Tajik government; Ji Shumin, Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan; Gulahamzoda Zulfikar Ahmad, Chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports Affairs of Tajikistan; Colleagues from the International Cooperation Bureau of the State Council Information Office of China; and Ahmedzoda Zolfia Kabir, Vice President of the Presidential Academy of Tajikistan, along with over 800 attendees, participated in the event.

Guests and young artists from China and Tajikistan took a group photo at the event
Guests and young artists from China and Tajikistan took a group photo at the event

“Future World” Painting Exhibition: Showcasing Youthful Creativity

Before the opening ceremony, guests and media representatives visited the “Future World” Painting Exhibition. This exhibition featured over 200 artworks by young artists from 26 countries, combining physical and digital formats. Sections included “SCO Family,” “River of Civilization,” “Lighting Up Technology,” “Endless Life,” and “Prosperous Olympics.” Young artists expressed their unique insights and creativity on topics like peace, ecology, development, and civilization, conveying a vision of a better future world. Tajikistani youth representatives guided the audience through the exhibition, sharing the stories and inspirations behind the artworks.

Opening Ceremony and Cultural Performance: A Celebration of Youth and Art

At the opening ceremony, Zafarsho Ibrohimzoda, Director of the Tajikistan National Museum, welcomed participants, highlighting that this was one of the most significant events ever held at the museum. Safarzoda Anvar emphasized the long-standing relationship between Tajikistan and China, noting that this event provides a solid foundation for further artistic and cultural exchanges. Gulahamzoda Zulfikar Ahmad spoke about the strong development of Tajik-Chinese relations over the past three decades, stating that youth are a great force for national progress, and the successful hosting of the “Future World” exhibition marks a further deepening of cooperation in youth development.

Ambassador Ji Shumin noted that continuous youth cultural exchanges are due to the high attention paid to youth work by the leaders and governments of both countries, based on a long history of friendly cooperation. He expressed hope that this generation of young people, living in the golden age of Tajik-Chinese relations, would contribute positively to the friendly cooperation between the two countries. Colleagues from the International Cooperation Bureau of the State Council Information Office of China, emphasized that youth are the witnesses and pioneers of the future. He highlighted that the “Future World” exhibition, held on the eve of the SCO Summit, serves as a bridge for communication and understanding among the youth of SCO member states, especially between China and Tajikistan.

Following the speeches, a vibrant cultural performance jointly created by Chinese and Tajikistani youth took center stage. Performances included Tajik traditional instrumental music, folk dances, and solo songs, showcasing Tajikistan’s rich cultural heritage. Chinese youth captivated the audience with a solo dance titled “Rain in the Bamboo Grove,” a martial arts performance “Dynamic Universe,” and a group dance “Twelve Stars of Chang’an,” earning enthusiastic applause from the audience. These performances highlighted the talents and creativity of the youth while expressing their aspirations and wishes for the future.

“Reading SCO, Cultural Creative Fair”: A Feast of Culture and Innovation

The “Reading SCO, Cultural Creative Fair” also provided a unique cultural experience for the audience. The book exhibition featured a variety of interesting and informative Chinese cultural books, interactive reading experiences, and new media products. Books such as “The Language of Music” introduced children to music, and “Xinjiang Travelogue” by Kyrgyz writer Aydarbek Salmanbetov attracted widespread attention with its trilingual presentation in Chinese, Russian, and Kyrgyz. The cultural and creative products at the fair, including themed blind boxes, fridge magnets, and copper mirrors, were highly popular among the youth, who enjoyed hands-on experiences like archaeology and mirror polishing.

The “Future World” International Youth Art Exhibition project was initiated by the China Intercontinental Communication Center in 2023. Since its inception, it has successfully held two exhibitions at UNESCO headquarters during the “Cinema Heritage” International Film Festival in November 2023 and the Global Symposium on the Concept of Intercultural Dialogue and Mutual Learning in April 2024. It has gradually become a high-level artistic event with extensive categories, recognized by youth, and having significant international influence.

The successful hosting of the 2024 “Future World” International Youth Art Exhibition not only showcased the artistic talents of youth but also deepened the understanding and friendship between the young people of China and Tajikistan, injecting new vitality into the cultural exchange of the SCO. In the future, “Future World” will continue to promote global youth cultural exchange and cooperation, allowing more young people to enhance dialogue through the language of art and contribute to building a peaceful, prosperous, and diverse future world.


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