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Get Up to 30% off on Amazon’s Best-Selling Lip Butter, CNP Propolis Lipcerin™

SEOUL, South Korea, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Korean skincare brand CNP Laboratory, founded by dermatologists from Cha and Park Dermatology, is garnering attention on Amazon in the United States. With interest in Korean skincare surging recently, CNP’s flagship lip mask product, Propolis Lipcerin™, has gone viral on TikTok, leading to its launch on the US Amazon market.

Get Up to 30% off on Amazon’s Best -Selling Lip Butter, CNP Propolis Lipcerin™
Get Up to 30% off on Amazon’s Best -Selling Lip Butter, CNP Propolis Lipcerin™

Cha and Park Dermatology, the foundation of CNP, started in the 1990s and has grown into a large dermatology chain with 22 branches across Korea. In 2000, CNP Cosmetics was established by dermatologists from Cha and Park, aiming to provide safe and effective skincare solutions for home use. Leveraging years of clinical experience and precise formulation, CNP strives to offer solutions that promote healthy skin from its foundation.

CNP’s Propolis Ampoule is known for its unique ability to provide glass skin and a healthy glow. Since its release in 2005, it has sold over 6 million bottles and has consistently ranked as the top-selling product in the online sales of Olive Young, a famous health and beauty store in South Korea. The CNP Propolis Lipcerin™, which features propolis as its key ingredient, is currently ranked as the number one product in the Lip Butter category on Amazon US. 

The CNP Lipcerin™ will go on a 30% discount during Amazon’s Prime Day in July, making it an excellent opportunity for customers to try this popular Korean lip care product. The launch of CNP on Amazon US is expected to serve as a platform to showcase Korean skincare technology globally and establish CNP as a leading skincare brand rooted in dermatological expertise.

About CNP Laboratory

Since 2000, CNP Laboratory has established itself as a derma-cosmetic brand that combines extensive dermatological clinical experience guided by the philosophy that “true beauty starts with healthy skin”. CNP Laboratory’s dermatologists have been producing high-quality products based on their long-term clinical expertise and scientific medical knowledge. Today, CNP Laboratory is a leading brand in Korea, recognized for its exceptional efficacy and is the recipient of numerous industry and consumer awards.

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About LG H&H

Founded in 1947 in Korea, LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) is a leading household goods and cosmetics manufacturer. As an innovative and customer-centric marketing company, LG H&H continually reinvents itself. Over its 75-year history, LG H&H has played a crucial role in making everyday life healthier and more beautiful for its customers. After creating Korea’s first cosmetics and personal hygiene products, LG H&H established itself as an industry leader in Asia before expanding into the North American market. LG H&H is committed to relentless growth and innovation, striving to produce the best products that meet the ever-changing beauty and lifestyle needs of its customers. In 2014, LG Household & Health Care acquired CNP Cosmetics, and since then, CNP has established itself as a leading brand in the dermocosmetics market.


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