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RoboUP Exclusive USA Launch of T1200 Pro Robot Mower: Revolutionizing Lawn Care with Multi-Zone Management and Quiet Operation

SHENZHEN, China, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RoboUP, a pioneer in robotic lawn care solutions, is proud to announce the grand launch of the T1200 Pro robot mower in the USA, which will be available first on RoboUP’s official website with a Super Early Bird Offer  for $19.99 to save $400 and get a free sprinkler as a gift from RoboUP. This significant milestone marks the introduction of a revolutionary product designed to transform lawn care with unparalleled precision and adaptability.

Introducing the RoboUP T1200 Pro: Smart Lawn Care, Zone by Zone

The T1200 Pro is the latest advancement in RoboUP’s lineup, following the success of the TM01 series. This second-generation robot mower is designed to deliver unmatched precision and adaptability for Multi-Zone Management, all while maintaining exceptionally quiet operation.

Map Out Multiple Zones and Watch It Mow on Auto

The T1200 Pro is perfect for homes with multiple yards or gardens. You can map out up to 10 separate areas in your garden and schedule mowing sessions on the RoboUP App for tailored lawn care. Customize mowing schedules to meet the specific needs of different areas, whether it’s the front yard, backyard, or multiple garden zones. The RoboUP T1200 Pro also allows you to adjust mowing heights and angles for each zone directly on the App. Whether you prefer 4cm for the front yard or 6cm for the backyard, the T1200 Pro meets all your requirements seamlessly.

No More Labor, Mow Your Lawn Quietly

Take the hassle out of lawn care with the T1200 Pro as you reclaim your time for a splendid work-life balance. It’s fully automatic and ensures your lawn stays well-maintained. Experience quick wire-free setup, path planning and parallel mowing, and auto-recharge features, ensuring effortless operation and maintenance. The advanced design of the T1200 Pro ensures minimal noise, allowing you to relax without disruption. 

Enhanced Safety and Weather Resilience

After millions of tests and extensive data collection, RoboUP’s AI database now has a capacity of 400,000, allowing the T1200 Pro to effectively identify people and animals while maintaining a safe distance. The T1200 Pro is also built to handle various situations, including nighttime and rainy days, ensuring your lawn care continues uninterrupted. 

Explore the New RoboUP Website and Super Early Bird Offer for T1200 Pro

Visit www.iroboup.com, your ultimate destination for service robots. On the RoboUP’s official website, you can discover comprehensive content, engage with a community of like-minded individuals, and enjoy seamless shopping with the best customer service. Users can join RoboUP community and participate in engaging activities, such as garden and product photo contests, giveaway events, and more.

There are two activities on RoboUP website now:

  1. T1200 Pro Super Early Bird Offer : For $19.99, customers will receive a $400 voucher for the T1200 Pro and a complimentary sprinkler. 
  2. RoboUP Co-Creators Program : Connect with RoboUP engineers and fellow enthusiasts for the future development of robot mowers and win exciting prizes along the way.

For more information about T1200 Pro, please visit www.iroboup.com.

About RoboUP

RoboUP emerged from the vision of creating the ideal living environment, harmonizing with nature and homeowners. The journey began in 1996, transitioning from pioneers in intelligent control systems to innovators in service robots. RoboUP’s mission is to help our customers create the living space they deserve.


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