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SWISS REJU Wins Highly Coveted “HK01 Good Living Award”, Applauded as Top Beauty Brand in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SWISS REJU announced today that it was recognized as the Winner at the prestigious “HK01 Good Living Award – Beauty and Medical Aesthetic Category”, upon conclusion of extensive expert evaluation and public voting. The latest honor follows SWISS REJU’s recent recognition from Cosmopolitan and JESSICA beauty awards. The luxury beauty clinic’s innovative 3 GHz Microwave Lipolysis, new addition to the signature “SWISS REJU K-Lipolysis” slimming program, redefines the possibilities of beauty and health innovation.

HK01 “Good Living Award” is an annual award to recognize outstanding businesses in Hong Kong that deliver exceptional client services, outstanding results and good business practices. Anchored in wide readership and credibility, HK01 is one of the most read and respected media giants in Hong Kong across demographics. The HK01 Good Living Award rigorously evaluates and selects the best player in each category annually. Amongst the Winners this year are Nestle Health Sciences, Uber, CSL Mobile, China Travel Service, all are household names that have been serving the Hong Kong public for decades.

Luxury Beauty Brand SWISS REJU Wins Highly Coveted “HK01 Good Living Award – Beauty and Medical Aesthetic Category”
Luxury Beauty Brand SWISS REJU Wins Highly Coveted “HK01 Good Living Award – Beauty and Medical Aesthetic Category”

“Winning the highly coveted HK01 Good Living Award with these household brands is an incredible achievement for SWISS REJU. It reflects our ongoing efforts to promote high quality beauty solutions and ethical business. The Award motivates us to continue on our path of innovation.” said the spokesperson for SWISS REJU.

“We are committed to creating exceptional beautifying experiences, and are so excited to be part of the legacy of client service, quality and innovation of this Award. That is exactly the reason why over the past decade, we have invested heavily in research and development, accumulating our technology investment to over tens of millions HKD, bringing to the Hong Kong market top aesthetic platforms from international manufacturers. Among them are Winback and Eximia. While our success have attracted many low cost copycats, none are able to replicate the outstanding results our trademarked, signature slimming program K-Lipolysis is able to offer.

SWISS REJU continues to push the boundary of beauty technology with the latest 3GHz Microwave Lipolysis body contouring offering, a big leap from the 2.45GHz technology commonly found in low cost providers, again differentiating itself from the crowd.


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