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The best 4th of July TV deals: Save on Insignia, Samsung, LG and more

The dog days of summer usually don’t arrive until August, but it’s already plenty hot outside. Before stepping out your front door and combusting like a firework, consider investing in a brand-new TV to entertain you while you hide from the sun. A 4th of July sale is just the time to take advantage of great deals on TVs that will launch you into new realms of entertainment — just like a Roman candle. You can score massive discounts on a wide range of snazzy new screens, from a small 24-inch model that’s just $65 all the way up to an unbelievable 100-inch screen for just $2,300. Say it with us now: ‘Murica!


When’s the last time you saw a TV for this little? Sure, it might be on the smaller side, but if you need a TV for your garage or a small bedroom, this is a great pick. You have access to full Alexa functionality through the Alexa Voice Remote, which means you can change channels, search for content and more just by yapping.

$65 at Amazon


At nearly 40% off, this TV supports Apple AirPlay and Alexa functionality in one small, affordable package ideal pick for a smaller room. 

$80 at Amazon


Samsung’s The Frame is quite literally a work of art. It looks like a framed painting (hence the name) and you can display your choice of artwork when you aren’t watching TV. It has Alexa built in, so you can easily give voice commands and get suggestions for your new favorite binge-worthy show. 

$548 at Amazon


This is the most affordable high-definition TV from Insignia, and it’s marked down by 30%. It has all the features you’ve come to know and love in Fire TVs, including access to more than 1 million movies and support for casting and streaming. 

$130 at Amazon


Standout features like Alexa voice control and access to more than 1 million movies across a variety of streaming services will have you “set” for the summer — plus you’re getting a brilliant 4K display.

$190 at Amazon


Prefer Roku over Amazon? This is the TV for you. Not only does it come with a Roku remote that makes browsing the built-in interface simple, but it also has a high refresh rate that makes on-screen motion smoother and a nearly bezel-less design that gives you a clearer, better-looking screen. 

$258 at Walmart


And now we’re getting into big-screen territory. If you find a show you love, just ask Alexa for recommendations for more like it. This summer, the binge-watching doesn’t have to come to an end — especially with a dazzling 4K screen like this at over 30% off. 

$300 at Amazon


A 70-inch TV for less than $500? Now that’s a price worthy of your biggest, sparkliest, are-you-sure-this-is-legal fireworks. It has a built-in smart interface for browsing all of your favorite streaming services, plus a Game Optimizer mode to make gaming as smooth and responsive as possible. 

$498 at Walmart


If you’ve spent the past year squinting at your TV screen, it’s time to splurge on something bigger and better. This 75-inch bezel-free beauty from Toshiba is just the thing — and it’s at its lowest price ever.

$450 at Amazon


As one of Amazon’s flagship TVs, the 75-inch Omni includes Dolby Vision compatibility, ultra-clear 4K resolution and so much more. You even get six months of MGM Plus with your purchase, so you can watch thousands of new and classic movies, and they’ll look better than ever.

Save $220 with Prime

$830 at Amazon


Is $2,300 a lot of money? Absolutely. But is a 54% discount worth paying attention to? Without a doubt. You’re saving a huge amount on a TV likely to dwarf any you’ve ever owned, and really, is there anything more American than that? If you want to invest in a screen that will make friends and family speechless, this is the set for you. 

$2,300 at Amazon


What you’re feeling right now is sticker shock, but there’s a silver lining. At Amazon, the 75-inch version of this TV is actually $70 more than the 85-inch version at Walmart. This is a tremendous deal that saves you nearly $1,600. If you’re ready to splurge, this TV is a gorgeous piece of technology that deserves a place on your wall. 

$2,699 at Walmart


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