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Waydoo Flyer EVO: The Future of Efoiling

SHENZHEN, China, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Waydoo, a water sports equipment leader, announces the launch of Waydoo Flyer EVO eFoil. Building on the success of the Flyer ONE, the EVO features significant design, performance, and versatility enhancements.

The Waydoo Flyer EVO offers a diverse board lineup to meet various rider needs. The 130-liter Max Plus board is designed for beginners, providing stability and ease of use. The 90-liter Pro and Pro Plus boards offer versatility for those honing their skills. The high-end 75-liter Master Plus board, made with Kevlar, is for thrill-seekers. The Plus models, available in various colors, include sensors and GPS for smart eFoiling with features like balancing, takeoff/landing assist, and geo-fencing.

A key feature of the EVO is its enhanced modularity. Comprising seven interchangeable modules, the eFoil allows riders to customize their setup, simplifying upgrades, maintenance, and transportation.

The Flyer EVO offers three mast options: the 27″ aluminum alloy mast for beginners, the 35″ aluminum alloy mast for advanced riders, and the 31″ mast, made from carbon fiber, balancing lightweight and performance.

Three propulsion units are available: the 4000W Standard for weights up to 130kg and the 6000W Performance and Elite for higher power needs. The Elite unit stands out with its premium appearance and CNC-machined construction.

The EVO’s batteries come in two capacities, 1800Wh and 2300Wh, both encased in aluminum alloy for durability and efficient heat dissipation. The 1800Wh battery offers agility, while the 2300Wh battery extends run time. Both batteries are IP68 waterproof, feature leak detection alerts, and support reverse charging with an optional inverter charger. An integrated LCD monitor provides real-time status updates.

The Flyer EVO Max Plus board is exceptionally beginner-friendly. An optional scooter kit transforms the Max Plus into a scooter, offering enhanced stability. Embedded sensors and a proprietary algorithm enable smart eFoiling with automatic assistance. Additionally, a stabilizer wing extension rod or an inflatable Flyer Pod can be added to the formula to minimize the learning curve, making it easier for novices to start. Essential accessories include a redesigned remote with an ergonomic wrist strap and Mover transport wheels for easy mobility. The propulsion options, including shrouded propellers, jet drives, and folding propellers, allow further customization.

Interested customers can check local dealers for purchase or rental options. The official online store will soon be available for direct purchases. Waydoo Flyer EVO – effortless start, infinite journeys.


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